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  • Cheese: good or bad for your health?

    Cheese: good or bad for your health?

    Some people are still doubting whether cheese is really good for you. Although it is a good source of calcium and other minerals, it also contains high levels of salt and saturated fat. The question is, does the nutritional value it provides outweighs the bad stuff?

    According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, adults are recommended to eat about 2.5 servings of dairy per day this includes cheese, milk, and yogurt. Furthermore, Australians eat about 13.6kg of cheese per person per year based on the available sales data. But what if it’s bad for you?


    Despite suggestions of consuming low-fat

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  • Debunking myths about dairy

    Debunking myths about dairy

    Dairy has always been associated as bad for your diet, especially when wanting to lose weight opting for non-fat options, non-dairy alternatives, or none at all.

    However, despite the bad reputation among weight loss diets and others, dairy products have at least ten essential nutrients which include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins—A, B12, and riboflavin—and minerals—calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. With just 3 servings of dairy food, you can get the recommended daily intake of calcium! 

    Myth 1. Milk has high fat content

    Many people believe that milk contains high levels of fat yet in reality, regular or full-fat milk only

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  • Latest News about Dairy Production Globally

    Latest News about Dairy Production Globally

    According to the Financial Times, Europe’s nascent dairy futures market has received a much-needed liquidity boost, as concern over a dip in production following a blazing hot summer drives trading volume higher. Since skimmed milk powder futures were launched in 2010 in Europe, the industry has been waiting for liquidity for the derivatives market to pick up. But brokers and analysts said that the dairy sector, including the traditionally conservative co-operatives, was now becoming more active as they look for ways to hedge themselves against fluctuating prices (Emiko Terazono, 2018). Because of the sudden change in temperature and weather, concerns

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  • Your dairy source of calcium

    Your dairy source of calcium

    The bone is the hardest substance in our body. Bones also have various roles, they support the structure of our body, guard our fragile organs, and also allow us to move day in and day out. Our bones also serve as a house for the storage of minerals like calcium and creation of our blood cells which is called the bone marrow.

    Bones get less attention than other body parts, it’s because we tend to overlook the fact that our bones are not just scaffolding for our body, rather it also has its needs and limits. If we do not

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  • King pizza smashes world record with 154 types of cheese

    The crown for world’s most cheesiest pizza has been taken by this cheese king pizza. Holding in one hundred and fifty-four (154) kinds of cheese, this monster was at first believed to be only a myth, an impossibility but its creator Johnny Di Francesco, of 400 Gradi, a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, did not dwell on the impossibility of the task he rather took it as a challenge.

    Before Johnny, there was a previous holder of this record a pizza with one hundred and eleven (111) kinds of cheese, but Johnny was confident as because he created a similar feat

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